Scope of collections

The library collects monographs, journals and other media in the following subject areas:

Arts, artists, art theory, philosophy of art, sociology of art, art criticism, art education, art collections, artistic techniques, history of art, primitive art, video art, electronic art, ..., artistic photography, photographers, ... , architecture, architects, theory of architecture, architectural criticism, architectural competitions, architectural photography, history of architecture, constructional technology, ecological building, town planning, urban development, garden architecture, landscape planning, ... , design, designers, design theory, applied arts, graphic design, visual communications, comics, illustration, industrial design, interior design, fashion, textile art, costume history, stage design, theatre, museum studies, film studies, ...

Major subject areas:

Contemporary art, architecture and design. Exhibition catalogues from all major museums, galleries and art centres (wordwide). Theory of art and architecture, with emphasis on Anglo-American sources. Journals in the areas of art, architecture, design, photography, fashion, graphic design, multimedia. Videos by artists.