Special collections

Artists' books
Small editions designed by artists, rare exhibition catalogues, books incorporating special materials or insertions. 4.401 items (by 2014). Dara Birnbaum, Christian Boltanski, Hanne Darboven, Dan Graham, Jenny Holzer, Ilja Kabakov, Yves Klein, Joseph Kosuth, Matt Mullican, Dieter Roth, Laurence Weiner, Christopher Wool, ...
These items are indexed as „Künstlerbuch" (searchable in supA [Suchportal Angewandte]).

Women-related literature
"Virtual library". Monographs on female artists, architects, designers, photographers, ... , feminist art theory, feminist disciplines, iconography of female depictions, gender discussions, women’s studies, women’s galleries, ...
These items are indexed by the following codes (searchable in supA [Suchportal Angewandte]):

FM Monographs on female artists (fine arts, architecture, design, photography, ...)
FK Feminist theory of art, feminist art criticism, women in art and architecture, reference books, exhibition catalogues, ...
FI Iconography of female depictions
FG Sex, gender, socialization, sexuality, eroticism, morals
FF Feminism (general works), women’s studies, women’s movement, women’s history, women’s galleries
FW Feminist disciplines (literature, film and theatre studies, musicology); women in film, theatre, literature, music, philosophy, ethnology, cultural history, ...
FL Female life-style, women art collectors, ...

Illustrative materials
Approximately 100 collections and 500 single plates dating from the 19th century - ornaments, depictions of nature, facsimile editions of art and craft objects.

Original literature of Surrealism. About 250 monographies and magazines, e.g. by André Breton, Paul Éluard, Max Ernst.

History of fashion and costume
located at the Department of History and Theory of Costume.

Conservation and restoration
Located at the Department of Conservation and Restoration, and at the Department of Technical Chemistry.

Clemens Holzmeister Estate
Written material, plans and drawings, photographs, slides.