Media collection

Videotapes, DVDs
video-art, documentaries on artists, architects, designers ... museums, buildings,
art movies, cult movies, animated films, experimental films ...

CDs, audio cassettes, gramophone records
audio-art, music by artists (Anderson, Darboven, Nitsch, Roth, Attersee ...), interviews

Databases of art, artists, image databases, CD-ROMs by artists, CD-ROMs containing architectural documentaries, graphic art and design, advertising ...
Journals on CD-ROM: Artifice, Artintact, Mediamatic, Screen

Marburger Index (approx. 1.500.000 photographs of German art)
Index der antiken Kunst und Architektur (ancient art and architecture)
L'index photographique de l'art en France

2.800 photographs, illustrative and teaching materials for drawing, style, and art history, pictures of art objects,
buildings, ornaments, craft objects ...